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7207CTRDUDLP3 NSK Super Precision Bearings

Brand Name NSK
Model Number 7207CTRDUDLP3
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

7004CTRSULP3NSK10 mm - - - 6 mm22 mm - -
7207A5TRQUMP3NSK70 mm - - - 24 mm125 mm - -
7000A5TRSUMP3NSK75 mm - - - 20 mm115 mm - -
25TAC62BSUC10PN7BNSK20 mm - - - - 42 mm - -
7005A5TRQUMP3NSK45 mm - - - 19 mm85 mm - -
7204CTRDUMP3NSK85 mm - - - 22 mm130 mm - -
7001CTRDUMP3NSK35 mm - - - 25 mm100 mm - -
7006CSN24TRDULP4NSK80 mm - - - 58 mm170 mm - -
7205CTRSULP3NSK380 mm - - - 243 mm - - -
7202CTRDUMP3NSK55 mm - - - 33.3 mm100 mm - 5.4 mm
7200CTRSUMP3NSK95 mm - - - 67 mm200 mm - -
7956CTRDULP3NSK100 mm - - - 24 mm150 mm - -
7948CTRSUMP3NSK300 mm - - - 185 mm620 mm - -
7205A5TRDULP3NSK170 mm - - - 52 mm310 mm - -
7003A5TRSULP3NSK190 mm - - - 120 mm - - -
7904CTRSULP3NSK55 mm - - - 33.3 mm100 mm - 5.4 mm
7204A5TRSUMP3NSK25 mm - - - 15 mm52 mm - -
20TAC47BSUC10PN7BNSK170 mm - - - 67 mm260 mm - -
7202A5TRDULP3NSK50 mm - - - 23 mm90 mm - -
7004A5TRSULP3NSK32 mm - - - 17 mm65 mm - -
7006A5TRSUMP3NSK - - - - - 180 mm - -
7207CTRDULP3NSK75 mm - - - 20 mm115 mm - -
7003CTRDUMP3NSK - - - - - 42 mm - -
7905A5TRDUMP3NSK50 mm - - - 12 mm72 mm - -
7005CTRSUMP3NSK170 mm - - - 90 mm260 mm - -
55BNR19STSUELP3NSK35 mm - - - - 72 mm - -
7944CTRSULP3NSK120 mm - - - 86 mm260 mm - -
7204A5TRDUMP3NSK35 mm - - - 23 mm72 mm - -


7907CTRQUMP3 NSK Super Precision BearingsBore Type:Cylindrical Bore; D1 (max):56.7 mm; Snap Ring Outside Diameter:60.8 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Cy (max):1.8 mm; b (min):1 mm; Radial Clearance:0.018 to 0.036 mm; Dx (min):61.5 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:13,000 rpm; da (min):47 mm; Da (max):56 mm; D:58 mm; Factor fo:16.1; Snap Ring Width:0.9 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:11,000 rpm; Weight:0.042 kg; B:7 mm; Enclosure:Snap Ring Groove wit; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:0.3 mm;
7005CSN24TRSULP3 NSK Super Precision Bearingsdb (min):172 mm; B:85 mm; Da (max):358 mm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:213 mm; Enclosure:Open; Radial Clearance:0.070 to 0.120 mm; r1:5 mm; ra (max):4 mm; dc (min):216 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:1,600 rpm; Limiting Speed - Oil:2,000 rpm; Dynamic Load Rating:930,000 N; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:5 mm; Static Load Rating:1,120,000 N; Configuration:Single Row; d:150 mm; db (max):210 mm; ra1 (max):4 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore;
7207A5TRSULP3 NSK Super Precision BearingsWeight:0.144 kg; Radial Clearance:0.013 to 0.028 mm; Da (max):45 mm; Enclosure:Double Seal; Static Load Rating:7,900 N; B:15 mm; da (min):27 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:10,000 rpm; ra (max):1.1 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Factor fo:12.4; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1.1 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:15,900 N; Configuration:Single Row; d:20 mm; D:52 mm;
7956A5TRSUMP3 NSK Super Precision BearingsBore Type:Cylindrical Bore; ra (max):3 mm; Da (max):362 mm; dd (min):255 mm; Weight:42.800 kg; ra1 (max):3 mm; dc (min):235 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:4 mm; D:380 mm; db (max):227 mm; Configuration:Single Row; d:180 mm; B:75 mm; r1:4 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:1,800 rpm; db (min):198 mm; Enclosure:Open; Static Load Rating:1,150,000 N; Limiting Speed - Grease:1,500 rpm; Dynamic Load Rating:9,050,000 N;
7002CTRSULP3 NSK Super Precision BearingsDynamic Load Rating:74,500 N; Da (max):65 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:9,500 rpm; dd (min):48 mm; dc (min):44 mm; B:27 mm; ra1 (max):1 mm; ra (max):1 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Enclosure:Open; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Radial Clearance:0.035 to 0.060 mm; db (max):40 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:8,000 rpm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:40.5 mm; D:72 mm; Static Load Rating:77,500 N; r1:1.1 mm; db (min):37 mm;
7007CTRDUMP3 NSK Super Precision BearingsStatic Load Rating:29,300 N; Dx (min):108 mm; Da (max):91 mm; r1:0.5 mm; D1 (max):96.8 mm; Weight:0.607 kg; d:55 mm; D:100 mm; Cy (max):5.4 mm; Enclosure:Single Shield with S; B:21 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:6,400 rpm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Radial Clearance:0.023 to 0.043 mm; b (min):2.7 mm; Snap Ring Outside Diameter:106.5 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:43,500 N; Configuration:Single Row; ra (max):1.5 mm;
7903A5TRSUMP3 NSK Super Precision Bearingsdb (min):162 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:198 mm; Enclosure:Open; Limiting Speed - Grease:1,700 rpm; dd (min):222 mm; Radial Clearance:0.060 to 0.105 mm; Static Load Rating:1,020,000 N; ra1 (max):4 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:875,000 N; D:360 mm; d:140 mm; db (max):195 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Limiting Speed - Oil:2,000 rpm; B:82 mm; Da (max):338 mm; r1:5 mm; ra (max):4 mm;
7004A5TRDUDMP3 NSK Super Precision BearingsB:9 mm; Da (max):45 mm; Radial Clearance:0.013 to 0.028 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:7,250 N; Enclosure:Single Shield with S; D:47 mm; Static Load Rating:5,000 N; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; ra (max):0.3 mm; Cy (max):2.3 mm; r1:0.3 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:14,000 rpm; Limiting Speed - Oil:17,000 rpm; b (min):1 mm; Factor fo:15.8; Weight:0.047 kg; a (max):1.7 mm; Snap Ring Width:0.9 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:0.3 mm;
7907A5TRSUMP3 NSK Super Precision Bearingsr1:4 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:4 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:2,200 rpm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Dynamic Load Rating:625,000 N; Limiting Speed - Grease:1,800 rpm; Radial Clearance:0.120 to 0.170 mm; db (min):198 mm; d:180 mm; D:320 mm; B:52 mm; db (max):214 mm; Configuration:Single Row; ra (max):3 mm; Da (max):302 mm; Static Load Rating:850,000 N; Enclosure:Open; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:217 mm;
7002A5TRDUMP3 NSK Super Precision Bearingsd:12 mm; Weight:0.037 kg; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Dynamic Load Rating:6,800 N; Configuration:Single Row; B:10 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:0.6 mm; Static Load Rating:3,050 N; Da (max):27 mm; Radial Clearance:0.011 to 0.025 mm; da (min):17 mm; Enclosure:Double Seal; ra (max):0.6 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:17,000 rpm; D:32 mm; Factor fo:12.3;
7001A5TRSUMP3 NSK Super Precision BearingsRoller Profile:Symmetric; Static Load Rating:24,500,000 N; Axial Load Factor Y1:4.05; D:1400 mm; ra (max):6 mm; Weight:1077.000 kg; Bore Type:Tapered Bore; Limiting Speed - Grease:210 rpm; Retainer Material:Machined Brass; Radial Clearance:1.030 to 1.300 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:270 rpm; Groove Width A:48 mm; Configuration:Double Row; Nr. of Holes:8; Dynamic Load Rating:13,200,000 N; Axial Load Factor Y2:6.03;
7001A5TRDULP3 NSK Super Precision Bearingsra1 (max):3 mm; db (max):204 mm; D:310 mm; ra (max):3 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:2,300 rpm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:207 mm; Da (max):292 mm; B:52 mm; Radial Clearance:0.075 to 0.125 mm; dc (min):211 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:4 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:1,900 rpm; Dynamic Load Rating:605,000 N; Enclosure:Open; d:170 mm; dd (min):223 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; db (min):188 mm;
7207A5TRDUDLP3 NSK Super Precision BearingsLimiting Speed - Grease:3,700 rpm; Enclosure:Snap Ring Groove wit; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; B:18 mm; da (min):136 mm; D:165 mm; Factor fo:16.1; Static Load Rating:41,000 N; Cy (max):4.7 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:4,400 rpm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1.1 mm; Weight:0.815 kg; D1 (max):161.8 mm; Snap Ring Outside Diameter:171.5 mm; r1:0.5 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:37,000 N; Da (max):158 mm; Radial Clearance:0.041 to 0.081 mm;
7000A5TRSULP3 NSK Super Precision Bearingsda (min):140 mm; Enclosure:Open; Hole Diameter (do):5 mm; ra (max):2 mm; Retainer Material:Machined Brass; D:210 mm; Axial Load Factor Y1:2.25; Roller Profile:Asymmetric; Radial Clearance:0.120 to 0.160 mm; Center Guidance:Fixed Inner Ring Rib; Configuration:Double Row; Dynamic Load Rating:705,000 N; Weight:8.900 kg; Bore Type:Tapered Bore; Axial Load Factor Y0:2.20; Limiting Speed - Oil:3,300 rpm;



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